Most of what seems to be new is simply new to us.

When gravity was discovered, it wasn’t new. It was simply a case of being a new concept to us.

When a new star is discovered it’s not a case of the star being new, it’s simply new to us.

The more we learn, the more we find is new to us and that is pretty damn cool.

Have a great day!


One touch

Whenever possible, try to touch a project only one time.

When an email comes in, try to only open it one time. Open it, deal with it and then file it away.

The alternative is to open the email, move on to the next email, go back to the first email, and waste a lot of time.

If you can touch an item one time, finish what needs to be done and then move on you will find you will be more efficient.

If you don’t have time to address the issue with your first touch, do something that requires less time and then when you have time for the first touch, do it properly and efficiently.

Have a great day!



What if we only did work we were proud of?

It doesn’t matter if it’s being a brain surgeon or being a janitor. It could be cooking for yourself or being a chef that cooks for thousands.

What if we took pride in what we do every time and every day?

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Have a great day!



I attended a community meeting the other day and the people who attended were complaining that the local government doesn’t care about their area.

The problem is…only 15 people attended the meeting.

It’s difficult for others to care about a community when the residents don’t care enough to attend.

Like most things, change has to start from within. Then, and only then, can we expect others to help.

Have a great day!


Additional People

If you need to solve a problem add some smart people to the group.

When that doesn’t work, add some hard workers.

When you combine smart people and hard workers good things happen. Ideally, you can find people who have both qualities but if not, figure out how to get them to work together.

Have a great day!



Pick a date range.

Pick a skill you have or you are working on.

During that date range, have you improved with that skill?

If the answer is yes…great!

If the answer is no…what is holding you back?

If we stop improving we are in trouble. It doesn’t matter if we are brand new at a skill or considered to be an expert, we have to keep growing, keep improving and keep moving forward.

Have a great day!