Under Promise and Over Deliver

The title pretty much says it all. Regardless of what you do, if you under promise and over deliver, people will love what you are doing and will come back for more.

If you run a business, under promise and over deliver.

If you are a salesperson, under promise and over deliver.

If you run camps, under promise and over deliver.

The key to this strategy is it works long term. Short term, the person who over promises and under delivers might prevail but people catch on quickly. If you are looking long term, under promise, over deliver and things will be great,

Have a great day!


Customer Service Makes a Difference

Do you ever wonder where the full service gas stations have gone (the ones with fully staffed garages etc)? While there are still some around, many around the US have either gone out of business or have converted their garages into convenience stores.

If you have been to an Advanced Auto Parts store recently (or one of their many competitors) you might realize what has happened to the full service stations.

First you walk in and the stores are extremely clean. The employees are knowledgeable and helpful. Because they have a large selection of products, they don’t have to order what you need and instead, have them in stock. The inventory issue is something most small gas station/garages can’t do anything about.

However, even more impressive than the inventory is what they will do. If you are buying a car battery, not only will they sell you the battery but they will also install it for you and recycle your old battery. They consider this to be part of the sale so there isn’t an additional cost. Same thing with windshield wipers. Frequently, before selling you something, they will test it to make sure it’s what you really need.

Going this extra step is what is setting them apart from the smaller competitors.

Those who know me know that auto supply stores are not exactly of great interest to me but they set a great example of doing something extra for their customers.

What can you do extra that will make you different from your competitors?

Have a great day!


Looking for ways to fail

Why do some people constantly look for ways to fail? Whenever they see an opportunity, instead of looking for ways to make it work, they look to find fault in the plan.

I consider this to be different than being an optimist or a pessimist. A pessimist might think something is going to fail (or to use the common example, the glass is half empty) while the optimist might think something is going to succeed (the glass is half full). However, what I’m talking about is a bit different. The person who looks for ways to fail would look at the glass and try to find a way to break it to make sure it ends up with no water at all. The person looking to make things succeed will look for ways to fill the glass up completely so there is plenty of water for everyone.

The person looking for ways to fail will try to anticipate ways people will try to succeed and create fault with those plans. The person looking to succeed will anticipate ways it might fail and look to overcome them.

Being optimistic isn’t good enough because optimists frequently don’t take into consideration the negatives so they aren’t prepared to overcome the negatives when they arise. The person looking for ways to succeed takes the negatives into account and prepares to overcome them.

People who look for ways to fail usually are successful (at failing). People who look for ways to succeed are usually success as well (at succeeding)

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Drama Free Zone

There comes a point in everyones life where they need to remove some, if not all, of the drama from their life.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day drama of peoples lives that you can’t get any work done.

He said this…she said that…they did what?

Some people seem to strive on creating drama. Others strive on pointing it out to others. Others sense when drama is dying out so they stir it up some more.

If you want to live a more productive, more meaningful and more enjoyable life, there will come a point where you have to rid yourself of these drama makers and realize there is so much out there that is truly stimulating.

I realize it’s easy to say you are going to avoid drama and much more difficult to do it but even temporarily, living in a drama free zone can make a HUGE difference in your life. Give it a try!

Have a great day!


Succeeding through positive sum negotiations

How often do people jeopardize the long term survival of an organization simply because they are more intent on winning an individual “competition” than in achieving the goals of the organization?

Do you know people who look at all negotiations as zero sum negotiations (for there to be a winner, there must also be a loser) as opposed to people who look to find ways to maximize the results for everyone involved?

People who look at all negotiations as zero sum tend to limit themselves tremendously while those who look to make sure everyone benefits will end up further along, as will those around them.

Any negotiation that results in zero sum (one side loses the same amount that the other side wins) was a bad negotiation overall. With creative thought and an open mind by all concerned, much more can be achieved

Have a great day!


Friends vs Pretend Friends

There are so many opportunities to develop a network of “friends” online these days via sites such as Twitter.com (followers), Facebook.com, Linkedin.com, MySpace.com etc that sometimes, I think people forget what real friendship is.

I know a lot of people. A lot more people know me (whether they really know me or just think they know me is debatable). Just because I know someone, whether in “real life” or “virtually” doesn’t mean they are a real friend.

A friend is someone who will be there for you in good times and bad. A friend is someone you want to be around and are willing to do anything for, even if it’s at great inconvenience to you.

A friend is someone who doesn’t care what you do, or who you know or how much you have.

You might have a friend you see everyday or you might have a friend you see very rarely. You might speak non stop to a friend or you might be with your friend and say very little.

Friendship is about quality, not quantity.

If you have 3-5 friends in your life, you are truly fortunate. When I hear people refer to their hundreds of friends and buddies, I feel bad for them because I wonder if they really have any friends or for that matter, even know what a true friend is.

Sadly, it’s also easy to take friends for granted. Because you know they will be there for you, you don’t worry about them as much as you should.

If you get a chance, thank your friends for being who they are.

Have a great day!