Our biggest limitations are our minds.

The more we think we can do something the more likely we are to do it. It’s when we think that we can’t do something that we start to really run into obstacles.

Don’t limit yourself based on misguided beliefs.

Have a great day!


There comes a time

In almost all cases there comes a point during a project that doubt enters peoples minds.

They might wonder if the project will succeed.

They might wonder if it’s worth pursuing.

They might wonder what the other options might be.

It’s during these times that we see who will be successful.

There have been times when Apple was really struggling.

There have been times when Amazon was really struggling.

Almost everyone goes through a time of struggle and the tough fight through and the others quit.

Just a thought.

Have a great day!


Change the rules

What if instead of competing with everyone else you decide to change the rules?

Amazon has changed the rules in many ways (forgoing profits for long term market share as an example) and is doing incredibly well.

Elon Musk changed the rules and is trying to change the world (and other worlds).

Albert Einstein changed the rules and changed history.

It’s one thing to break the rules but that is only half of the challenge, if you are going to break the rules, go on and change them as well.

Have a great day!


Announce It

Being willing to announce your project makes it real.

Announcing the project means you are willing to acknowledge you are doing it.

Announcing the project puts pressure on you to actually follow through on the plan.

Announcing the project starts the process of acquiring customers.

Announcing the project means you are serious.

Announcing the project doesn’t end the process, it just makes it public that you are going go forward.

Have a great day!


Don’t be that person

I was at dinner with some friends the other day and one of their phones rang. He didn’t recognize the number but decided to answer it anyway. Ten minutes later he came back and apologized for taking the call and explained that it was someone he knows but that the person must have a new phone number because he had blocked his old number.

The problem wasn’t that this person is a bad person but rather that my friend knows that anytime this person calls, he needs a favor. He never calls to check in, he never calls to offer a favor. It’s only when this person needs something that he calls.

Don’t ever be that person. You don’t want to be known as the person who only calls when you need someone. You don’t want to be the person who is blocked either through technology or emotionally so that people don’t want to even answer the phone.

Remember, it’s not all about you, think of others first and if/when you really need something people will be willing to help.

Have a great day!



If you try something and it fails.

Will the world end?

Will someone die?

Will it destroy your life?

Will it ruin any hope for success in the future?

If the answer to all of these questions are “no” why not take a chance? The possibility of success might be great and the possibility of failure doesn’t sound too bad.

Just a thought.

Have a great day!