It’s easy to think that we are a lot smarter and more advanced than previous generations.

While it’s easy to think that, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

There is a LOT we can learn by looking at the works of people like Frederick Taylor, Peter Drucker and Peter Senge.

It’s shocking to have access to some of the works of these people and to ignore them because their work was done decades ago.

When looking at how to move forward, sometimes it’s worth looking back.

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Measuring Productivity

There is a lot of time and money spent measuring productivity.

The problem is, we do a much better job measuring productivity than we do improving productivity.

Gathering the data doesn’t change a thing, coming up with a plan to gather the data, interpret the data and then improve the data going forward is where real change happens.

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Increase quality to reduce costs

We frequently seem to be in a race to lower costs and too often the way we choose to do this by lowering quality. The questions gets asked “how much lower can we bring our quality down and not lose customers?”.

What if we flip the thought process and increase quality to lower costs? By increasing quality, we don’t have as many mistakes, we don’t have as many stops and starts and we can create a workflow that is more efficient.

When we increase quality it’s easier to project future needs and therefore inventory management is easier (and more affordable).

When we increase quality we can have more focus on success and less on fixing failures and in the long run that reduces costs.

Rather than lowering quality to reduce costs, look to increase quality to reduce costs and see how it positively affects your bottom line.

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When everyone is being loud, trying to be a little bit louder doesn’t differentiate you from the crowd.

When everyone is quiet, being suddenly loud certainly will differentiate you from the crowd.

Don’t try to be more that others, consider going to the OTHER extreme to truly differentiate yourself.

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The antidote to hubris

Whenever you are feeling you are incredibly important, incredibly powerful or some other form of hubris, take a look at nature.

The ocean makes any power felt by any man seem insignificant.

Giant mountains, deep valleys, powerful rivers all make any of seem quite minor.

Fire can spread faster than any of us can imagine, can achieve heat higher at a level none of us can handle and can be started with little effort.

Nature is truly amazing and is a great reminder of how small each of us really is.

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