Comfort Zone

If everything is perfect, stay in your comfort zone.

If you can’t think of anything you want or need, anything your business should do differently, anything you want for your friends or family than you should stay in your comfort zone.

If this isn’t the case, be willing to leave your comfort zone, meet new people, go outside of your hometown, and try something different.

I’m not sure anyone fits the requirements of the perfect life so get out there, try something new and leave your comfort zone.

Have a great day!



Why do we assume that just because someone is a leader they must be leading in a positive direction?

There are many leaders throughout history who were great leaders but that didn’t make them good people or leaders going in the right direction (Hitler and Stalin certainly come to mind).

Before following a leader, give some thought into the direction they are leading in.

Have a great day!


The storm before the calm

People talk about the “calm before the storm” but in business, if you are preparing properly, you are dealing with the storm before the calm.

Too often people wait until a project is launched and then go into panic mode trying to fix the things that should have been fixed ahead of time.

Instead, we should be thinking about the storm before the calm. Push yourself and your team to get things done ahead of time so upon launch, things have been tested and than can be calm.

There is almost always a storm, you decide when it happens.

Have a great day!



One of the challenges with a young company is can they scale up?

Can they take what works locally and make it work nationally or even internationally?

Can they take care of the manufacturing or production at a larger scale?

Can they manage the people and equipment needed for the scaling?

On the other hand, before you have to scale up the question is can you prove things work at a smaller level?

People don’t want to pay to scale up without some type of proof of concept.

Can you prove a minor investment will result in a small profit before expecting a large profit from a large investment.

If you can’t prove something works at a smaller level, why would you expect anyone to take the risk to scale up?

Have a great day!


When improvements aren’t

Sometimes we try to make improvements and they simply don’t work. It might be any number of reasons but it’s important to acknowledge that sometimes improvements aren’t really improvements at all.

Unfortunately, we too often think we have to try some other type of innovation to fix what wasn’t fixed the first time.

While continuing to try to improve is great, it also is acceptable to go back to a previous version and get some type of stability and then figure out what is next.

Have a great day!



There are consequences for all of our actions.

We have to realize there are also consequences for our failure to act as well.

Many people think by not acting, by not doing, by not taking risks they are eliminating the possibility of consequences but there are always consequences whether it’s for doing or for not doing.

Just a thought.

Have a great day!