The tough decsions

Anyone can make easy decisions. It’s the tough decisions that make a true difference.

Monday night when Alabama changed their quarterback at halftime the coach had to know that if the change didn’t work out for him, he would never hear the end of it. Because it worked, people give him credit for being a genius risk taker.

Some would argue it is easier for the coach to make a decision like that since he had already won 5 national championships so he has earned a great deal of good will but I would argue it’s the the willingness to make these tough decisions that has allowed him to win all of these championships.

Those who are unwilling to make the tough decisions will rarely be the long term winner in any situation. This doesn’t the whole “nice guys finish last” thing but rather just being willing to do what has to be done, at the time it has to be done.

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A great motivator

When looking for a great motivator, look toward complacency.

The fear of complacency should terrify all people.

If we aren’t growing, if we aren’t learning, if we aren’t continuing to strive to get better…we are just being complacent and that is the beginning of the end.

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It’s all relative

When we do comparisons it’s easy to forget that things are relative.

As an example, when I think of Germany I think of a world power. It’s easy to forget that Germany is also slightly smaller than Montana in size.

When I think of the formation of the United States, I think in terms of a long time ago. People in Rome, on the other hand, might consider that to be recent history compared to their history.

When communicating with others, it’s important to understand where they are coming from in terms of their perspective.

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What are we missing?

In every venture we tend to be missing something.

Are we missing the right product or service?

Are we missing the right price?

Are we missing the right customers?

Are we missing the proper funding?

There are a lot of potential things you are missing but until you figure out what they are, it’s difficult to fix them.

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Who decides?

Who decides what is and what isn’t possible?

Running a mile in under 4 minutes was impossible..until it wasn’t.

Space travel was impossible…until it wasn’t.

Curing cancer was impossible…until it wasn’t.

Who decides something is impossible? Why do you believe someone just because they say something is impossible? It’s only impossible…until it isn’t. Why not be the one to prove it’s not impossible?

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