The problem with compromise

The problem with compromise is it usually means everyone conceded something so somehow or other, everyone lost.

The ultimate goal is to find a way so everyone wins. By working together both sides end up with more than they started.

Next time you think about compromise think about how to turn things around so everyone wins rather than everyone loses.

Have a great day!



Scheduling meetings, calls etc can be extremely frustrating. The scheduler asks what times you are available and then assumes those time slots will stay open until they make a decision to the best time for them.

There are scheduling programs that can help somewhat but even then, unless you are willing to be open up your calendar to others (and I’m not) it still doesn’t seem to work correctly.

The simple solution is to schedule things as soon as you are provided options. The longer you wait the more likely the slots will be filled. If you wait a day or two and think that everything will have stayed the same you will most likely be sadly disappointed.

Schedule right away, send confirmations right away and you will be more likely to have some success in your scheduling.

Have a great day!


Multiple Sources

Thomas Aquinas once wrote “beware of the person with one book”. A person whose entire knowledge comes from one source isn’t able to consider all options, all possibilities and all potential outcomes.

This is more applicable now than any other time in history because, on the one hand, we have access to more sources via the internet than ever before but we also tend to be taking more and more sides.

People who watch Fox News might never consider anything CNN has to offer. The flip is also the case.

People who read Breitbart might never consider the possibilities offered by Mother Jones. The flip is also the case.

When we finally acknowledge that it’s not about sides or parties but rather about people and each person might have some conservative views and some liberal views. Their life experiences might expose them to things there one source hasn’t considered.

I’m not going to claim to be immune to this issue as I get frustrated with both sides so sometimes choose to simply ignore the issues altogether and while I know that isn’t a solution, it is easier than picking a side and stubbornly staying with that side regardless of the facts.

Have a great day and go read a different book.



When people or organizations are desperate they can either give up or go all in.

Those who give up have determined their own fate.

Those who go all in and believe in themselves and are willing to innovate their way out of desperation also are able to determine their own fate.

You have the ability to determine your fate but that doesn’t mean that it’s always a good things=.

Have a great day!


Demand Benchmarks

Whenever you are involved in a project demand benchmarks.

People frequently say that if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it and you can’t do a comparison if you don’t have a benchmark to work from.

Having benchmarks is the bare minimum but without the minimum how can you determine improvement.

Have a great day!