The Big Picture

Too often decisions are made without regard for how the small decision affects the big picture.

A great example would be the NCAA. Over the years they have created many new rules to deal with specific situations but in doing so, haven’t always taken into consideration how the rules affect everything else. I read recently about the unfortunate situation where a high school student who had committed to play football at Boise State prematurely passed away (I don’t recall the circumstances). Because he was still in high school the football coaches at Boise State couldn’t call to offer their condolences or to help out in other ways because it would have been a violation of NCAA rules for an illegal contact EVEN THOUGH THE PLAYER WAS DEAD. The idea of limiting contacts by college coaches with high school students is a good one but when a rule is so limiting that unfortunate situations such as this occur, it’s a problem.

How many decisions are being made in your organization without really considering the ramifications to the big picture?

Who is there in your organization whose job it is to prevent little decisions creating big problems?

It’s even harder when you bring someone in as a consultant. Frequently they are given a specific task but if they don’t take the time to understand the big picture, they potentially can cause more problems than they can solve. The good news for the consultant is they usually get paid and then move on to the next project but for the organization they might pay for these errors for years to come

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