Control Expenses

A lot of people put a big emphasis on generating more revenue but they might want to consider controlling expenses as well.

When you can minimize expenses you can survive a downturn in revenue but even with an upturn in revenue, uncontrolled expenses can be fatal to an organization.

Just a thought.

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The willingness to withstand pain will frequently determine a persons likelihood for success.

Whether it’s the pain that comes with training or the pain that comes from waiting it’s the rare person who becomes an overnight success. More often the “overnight success” spent 20 years preparing for their sudden success.

Too often it’s the pain that stops the success and that is a shame because people can handle a lot more pain than they believe they can.

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Interim Steps

Sometimes when setting big goals, it makes sense to break them down into smaller goals, or interim steps.

By creating these interim steps, it makes the process less daunting because as you accomplish the smaller steps, you can see progress and start to feel better about yourself.

The other thing you might find is some of these interim steps might be more exciting that you originally planned and might result in you making that a final destination or possibly changing the direction completely

You never want to lose focus of the final destination but when you have interim steps, you have mini focuses and also can change when needed.

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When enough is enough

You have a point to prove. You do some testing and the numbers look great.

While the numbers are great to have, there is a point where testing just one more time, or adding one more variable becomes over kill and it’s time to leave the testing stage and move forward.

It’s easy to want to try one more test or a little bit more time but sometimes you have to step up and say “enough is enough” and start going forward.

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Second opinions

People know to get a second opinion when they receive a major medical evaluation.

Why don’t they get a second opinion when they read something online or on social media?

It’s so easy to try to verify things online yet so many people take the first site they see, or the first post they read as gospel.

Verify what you read, learn more when possible and be willing to get a second, third and fourth opinion.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said “everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts”. Too often people are presenting their opinion as facts and it’s not difficult to determine what is true and what is just someones belief.

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Sunday night we will have a Super Bowl Champion. Either the New England Patriots will repeat as champions or the Philadelphia Eagles will win for the first time.

Millions of people will watch to see who wins.

The thing most of the people watching don’t realize is these teams didn’t make it to the Super Bowl based on their performance two weeks ago, it was based on what they did 11 months ago and 10 months ago and 9 months ago etc.

Teams win championships, businesses dominate their industries, people achieve their goals, over a long period of time. It’s the people who prepare the best, train the best and execute the best who win over the long run.

Too much emphasis is put on the last two minutes and not enough emphasis is put on the other 364 days when the people were preparing.

Just a thought

Have a great day!