Unlimited Budget

If you could make a 2X return on your advertising, what would your budget be?

This means, for every dollar you spend on advertising you could gt $2 back, after expenses. My guess is you would spend every dollar you have.

This is the way advertising should be. As long as you know you can make more money from advertising than it costs to advertise, than you should be willing to do so all day long.

Instead of looking at advertising as being a cost, look at it, done properly, as a profit center and instead of trying to figure out if the advertising fits into your budget, figure out how to spend as much as possible on the most profitable advertising possible.

Have a great day!



The number of visitors to your website wont keep you in business long term.

The number of customers you have wont keep you in business long term.

The number of likes or followers you have wont keep you in business long term.

Profits will keep your business going long term.

Just a quick reminder.

Have a great day!



The only thing worse than complacency when things are going well is complacency when things are failing.

When things are going well, it’s easy to be complacent because it’s difficult to stay motivated and if you aren’t careful, things turn bad quickly.

With complacency when things are bad, it’s not a matter of wondering who or why because most likely…it’s you.

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The right people

Sometimes we worry too much about having the right number of people working with us. While having too few or too many creates problems, the number isn’t the biggest issue.

It’s more important to focus on the right people and not the right number.

One superstar can accomplish as much as 3-4 average people so focus on getting the right people on board and the numbers will take care of themselves.

Have a great day!