Peer Pressure

Why are people susceptible to peer pressure?

If people are truly your peers wouldn’t they want what is best for you?

If people don’t want what is best for you, why are they your peers?

Be your own person and let others follow or not but don’t fall susceptible to other peoples prejudices, biases and other irrational thoughts.

Have a great day!



There are so many opportunities out there that it can be overwhelming.

I know that I get approached on a daily basis with ideas, opportunities and possibilities. Some are awful, some have potential and a few are great opportunities.

One of my biggest challenges is to prioritize all of the opportunities that are available. Trying to do too many of these opportunities can result in not being able to capitalize on any of them effectively.

When I hear about the lack of opportunities out there it makes me wonder where other people are looking…or not looking.

Have a great day!



In trying to get traction in a market people look for influencers to help them access to people they might not otherwise have access to.

This might be a person with thousands of followers on social media.

It might be a person who is part of traditional media and reaches many thousands.

The thing to keep in mind is it’s not always the number of people a person can reach, it’s also the type of people a person can reach.

To use a somewhat random example, if you want want to sell a product, having access to someone with a thousand followers might have value. Having access to someone who can get you on Amazon and get you ranked high in their search engine as well as Google would be invaluable.

Finding people with connections might work well for you, finding people with the right connections can do wonders.

Have a great day!



Before you call or text someone give some thought to whether there is a real urgency in what you are doing.

If you are interrupting someone from doing something important it would be nice to know (and for them to know) whether what you are calling or texting about is important.

If it’s not important, wouldn’t an email suffice knowing that they can read it or respond on their own time (as opposed to a phone call which is requiring them to respond on your time and not theirs)? I remember reading a year or so ago how quickly people feel the need to respond to a text and it was incredibly fast (I can’t recall the time period off the top of my head).

There isn’t anything wrong with calling someone or texting them but I do believe it’s important for people to understand that interruptions come at a cost. Sometimes the cost is worth it (either because the interruption has true value or the person really wants the break) but it’s important to understand the cost either way.

Have a great day!


Create a role

If you aren’t sure where you fit in, go ahead and find a role for yourself.

It’s easy to wait till someone hands you that role but sometimes you can’t do that, instead you have to create one yourself.

If you have a partner or employee who doesn’t have a role, you can complain about their lack of involvement or you can create a role and help them become productive.

Have a great day!


Comfort Zone

If everything is perfect, stay in your comfort zone.

If you can’t think of anything you want or need, anything your business should do differently, anything you want for your friends or family than you should stay in your comfort zone.

If this isn’t the case, be willing to leave your comfort zone, meet new people, go outside of your hometown, and try something different.

I’m not sure anyone fits the requirements of the perfect life so get out there, try something new and leave your comfort zone.

Have a great day!