Why do people seem to want to prove themselves outside of their wheelhouse?

Doctors want to prove they are good business people (and frequently fail)

Attorney’s want to prove they are good investors (and frequently fail).

Programmers want to prove they are good designers (and frequently fail).

Wouldn’t it make sense for people to stay within their wheelhouse and succeed rather than try to prove they are good at everything and fail?

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Many people feel they are indispensable in their work. For those of you who truly believe this, really give some thought to what would happen if you were to leave.

Would your organization completely fail?

Would your organization falter a bit and then find a replacement?

Would your organization keep moving forward with or without you?

Would your organization improve without you?

Many of the people who think they are indispensable are more likely delusional. They might be important to an organizational but almost everyone can be replaced.

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Call their bluff

When you hear something that sounds wonderful, be willing to call their bluff and ask for the data.

If they have the data then they prove their point and everyone is happy.

If they don’t have the data and are just bluffing, you are able to save a lot of time following someone down the wrong path.

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