Manage People

It’s easy for managers to forget who or what they are managing.

Managers don’t manage projects.

Managers don’t manage research.

Managers don’t manage properties.

Managers don’t manage ideas.

Managers manage people.

The sooner everyone realizes the emphasis is on the people and not the project, the sooner we will have more effective and efficient managers.

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The greater good

Some people do things for fame.

Some people do things for fortune.

Some people do things for the greater good.

It’s interesting reading about Jonas Salk, who discovered one of the first successful vaccines for polio.

When asked who owned the patent to the vaccine he responded “the people”.

He was about saving lives and not worrying about the credit or the profits.

There is nothing wrong with the fame. There is nothing wrong with the fortune. In all honesty, when someone devotes their life to something that saves lives they should get as much fame and fortune as they want BUT it’s nice to know that we have had people who are truly in it for the greater good.

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Paid Research

Companies spend a LOT of money on research and development. Whether it’s a tech company, a science group, a new medical treatment or any number of other groups, R & D can be a huge number.

One solution is to find people who can benefit from the type of R & D you are doing and have them prepay for early access to the R & D.

It’s not easy to do but if you can find someone who can benefit from some part of the R & D you can sometimes turn this part of your business from an expense to a profit center (or at least a way to break even).

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