Right Place, Right Time

People mistakenly believe that what works one place will work other places as well. People will leave a job where they are extremely successful to go somewhere “better” only to find that for various reasons, they aren’t as successful.

A college soccer coach I know took over a program that was one of the worst in Division 1 and in a relatively short period of time, turned it into a strong program competing at a national level. When he was approached to determine his interest in a job at a more prestigious institution he decided to stay where he was because he considered that to be the right place FOR HIM. We talked about this some and he went on to explain that while he doesn’t consider himself to be the best coach, he does think he is the best coach for his particular institution. However, he felt that might not be true at another institution.

It’s a fine line because on the one hand, a person must be willing to stretch themselves and take chances but on the other hand, the perfect job for them, might be the one they currently have.

This is true for coaches, realtors, lawyers, business people and pretty much everyone. Don’t look for the perfect job, perfect spouse, perfect life. Rather, look for the one that is best for you.

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Are you prepared?

If you were to pass away suddenly, do you have all your affairs in order? Some might think “I have an up to date will so yes I do” but in today’s world, there are other things you need to consider as well.

If you have a paypal account, does anyone else have access to it or when you pass, does whatever money you might have in that account just disappear from your belongings?

If you have a web site, does anyone else have access to renew your domain or does your web site just disappear when you pass (if it’s just a personal web site that might be fine but if it’s a business one, that might hurt others)?

If you have pets, it’s not good enough to know who will take them upon your passing, you need to make sure they have directions for any special needs etc.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of things that should be taken care of before you pass so that others are able to handle things after you are gone.

Some might think “once I’m gone, I don’t care what happens to anyone else” but those who think that way probably don’t care too much about others while they are living either. Take the time to prepare things for others after your passing and not only will it make their lives better, you might also learn somethings about your life as well

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Beware the silent assassin

People tend to be worry about the loud mouth. The person who seems to get all the attention is the person who does all the talking.

The thing to remember is when that one person is doing all the talking, there is usually someone in the background who you really need to concern yourself with. The reason this person is so dangerous is while the other person is telling everyone what he is going to do, the quiet person is planning and doing.

Bully’s tend to be the loud mouths and they are also the ones who back down when someone stands up to them. It’s the silent assassin who is truly the dangerous one.

Some of you might be wondering what this has to do with anything. Just keep in mind, the person who does the most talking is not usually the one who does the most work. The person who complains the loudest isn’t necessarily the person who need to worry about the most.

Pay some attention to the quiet ones, you will find you will get a lot more accomplised.

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Acceptance by inaction

If you are in a situation which you don’t like and you don’t do anything about it, than tacitly you are accepting the situation

If you are in an abusive relationship (verbally or otherwise) and you don’t do anything about it, than you are letting the other party think it’s ok, you accept it.

If you are paid to work 8 hours a day and your boss makes you work 10 hours a day (but only pays you for 8 ) and you don’t do anything about it, than you are accepting it.

If you are being asked (forced) to do something and you aren’t wanting to do it, TAKE ACTION and let the other party know you aren’t going to accept it because if you don’t take action, you are accepting it (whether you want to admit it or not)

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Do something uncomfortable

People talk somewhat regularly about going outside their comfort zone. It’s time to stop talking and start doing.

In the next few days, do something you aren’t comfortable doing. It doesn’t have to be something big but if you always order the same food at a particular restaurant, try something different. If you are shy, talk to a stranger. If you are afraid of public speaking, find a place to give a speech. If you always wear the same style clothing, wear something different.

Better yet, every day, do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. You might not like it at first but it will make you a better person in the long run

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Specialist or Generalist?

There are people who can speak about many subjects. They can carry on conversations about politics, religion, the weather, the economy and much more. Admittedly, they usually can’t go into great detail about any of these subjects but at a dinner party, they shine.

There are others who know a great deal about one or two subjects but are somewhat clueless about most other subjects.

Would you rather be a specialist (knowing a lot about one or two subjects and being clueless about the others) or would you rather be a generalist (know a bit about a lot of subjects but not a lot about any)? I realize there are options between these two extremes but if you would have to choose between the two, which would you prefer?

I would love to hear peoples opinions on this so if you get a chance, please email me at lawrence@lawrencefine.com with which you would choose and why


Have a great day.