It takes energy to generate energy!

In order to heat your house, you need to start with an energy source. It might be electricity (and even there, the electricity probably comes from coal) or it might be gas or it could be from the fireplace. Regardless of how you choose to heat your house, it starts with an energy source.

To drive a car, your engine creates energy but it requires an energy source to operate it. It will need gas or electricity or some other source of energy, in order to get the engine to run.

Basically, anything that needs energy to operate also needs an energy source behind it.

The same is true with people. If you want your team or organization to be excited and energized, you must be excited and energized. They will draw from your energy. If you are down and dejected, they will be as well. If you are upbeat and excited, so will they be.

If you want your organization to be excited, it should start with you!

Have a great day!


The squeaky wheel sometimes has an important message

People who complain a lot tend to get ignored. The belief is they have no credibility because they complained before, they are complaining now and they will complain again later.

However, the risk in ignoring the squeaky wheel is that frequently, there is something to their complaints. It’s easy to ignore the complaints and, as a result, miss something important.

Remember, if everything worked perfectly, the wheel wouldn’t be squeaking

Have a great day!


Who are you and what do you do?

When you meet someone and they ask what you do, how do you answer?

For some, it’s an easy answer:

“I’m an attorney at blank firm”
“I’m a soccer coach at blank university”
“I’m a consultant”

However, if you’re intention is to get that persons attention and have them remember you, you might want to give a bit of thought to your introduction.

Instead of “I’m an attorney at blank firm” you might change it to “I protect the innocent”. Trust me, the conversation will NOT stop their.

Instead of “I’m a soccer coach” you might change it to “I influence today’s youth to make a better tomorrow”. They WILL want details.

Instead of “I’m a consultant” you might change it to “I make good better and better the best”

There are times when you want to discontinue a conversation as quickly as possible. Those are the times to stick with “just the facts”

The other times, when you want to network, or enhance yourself in some way, consider being a bit more creative in how you present yourself.

So, what do you do?

Have a great day!


If you don’t read

Every once in a while I come across someone who can’t read. When this happens it makes me wonder how difficult it must be for them on a daily basis.

Then it dawned on me, the only thing worse than not being able to read is being able to read and not doing so.

The opportunities at your fingertips are mind boggling. The amount of knowledge one can learn, the amount of entertainment one can experience, the amount of information one can acquire. The only thing that will stop you from expanding your mind, is the inability, or unwillingness to read.

If someone can’t read, it’s unfortunate.

If you wont read, it’s truly sad.

Do something…pick up a book and read!

Have a great day!


What is an educated person?

Some people think of education as only taking place in places like school and other formal settings (seminars, conferences etc). Because of this, if a person hasn’t gone through the formal type of education, they are thought, by some, as uneducated.

However, there are many other types of education. A person can be self taught. They can learn from informal means such as discussions with others. They can learn from general observation.

There are many ways for people to learn outside of the generally accepted formal education processes. To assume that only those who have gone through the formal education system are educated is to underestimate the other educational methods.

Medical school isn’t intended to teach everything there is to know about medicine, rather, it’s intended to provide a good background on the medical side and to show know how to find the rest, in a reasonable time period. This might mean knowing who to refer a patient to or knowing what resource to consult.

Law school doesn’t teach everything about the law but rather it teaches where to find the applicable law and then knowing how to apply the law.

While we tend to be impressed by the educated person who knows a great deal of random trivia, the real educated person (whether through formal education or otherwise) doesn’t necessarily know everything but does know how to find what he doesn’t know.

In no way am I trying to downplay the importance of formal education, but it’s also important to not downplay other means as well.

Have a great day!


Mix between youth and experience

As many of you know, I have been involved in the sport of soccer for many years. While there is much about sports that seem more related to fantasy than reality (professional salaries, steroids etc) the truth of the matter is, a lot can be carried over from the athletic arena to the business arena as well as to life in general.

Many people would consider the best professional soccer club in the world, right now, to be Manchester United (there are some other contenders but I don’t believe anyone would dispute that Manchester United is in the top group). It’s interesting to watch them play because they have players from three different age groups playing together.

They have their veterans such as Edwin Van Der Sar, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes who are all 34 years old or older (some would consider them ancient in a sport such as soccer but they all play at an incredibly high level). They don’t play every minute of every game like they did when they were younger but they bring a maturity to the field that carries over to the rest of the squad.

Next you have the prime players. These are players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney and Nemanja Vidic. They are in their mid 20’s to early 30’s. These are the players in the prime of their careers, they need less rest than some of the older players but also have a great deal of experience.

Next you have the youngsters. These are players such as Rafael and Fabio da Silva, Jonny Evans and Anderson They are 18 to 21 years old and have great talent and enthusiasm but not much experience.

If they only played with the older veterans, they would struggle with speed and being able to stay at a high level all season long.

If they only played the youngsters, they would have great speed and enthusiasm but would make too many mistakes due to a lack of experience.

Instead, Manchester United mixes their squad up regularly (especially in less crucial matches) so that the youngsters are playing next to the more experienced players. The more experienced players can let the younger players do some of the running for them while the youngsters can learn playing next to players who have “been there and done that”.

By having a good mixture of the three groups on the field, they get the best of all worlds. Plus, when something happens (injuries, suspensions etc) and a less experienced player is needed in a big game, they already have the experience and knowledge from having played with the more experienced players.

The other issue with having this mixture of youth and experience is what happens too often in sports. A team is successful, plays together for a long time, wins some championships and then all of a sudden, they are old. The problem is, while they were winning their championships, they weren’t developing their young players. By having a good mix of players, this can be avoided.

Now lets look at how this carries over to business. A company might decide they can get rid of their more experienced employees and rely upon the younger ones (they will find an excuse because it would be illegal to discriminate based on age but it’s done all the time). The younger employees are probably getting paid less and might have more energy and enthusiasm but without the experience, they might struggle.

Other companies will rely upon the “good old boy network” to the point where they have no new ideas (inexperienced people frequently have new ideas…some good…some bad but they have ideas).

The smart companies have a good mix of employees and utilize their strengths while letting others do the things that are their weaknesses.

I’m amazed at how often people aren’t willing to cross over generations and lose wonderful opportunities because they think “he doesn’t know anything, he is too old” or “he doesn’t know anything, he is too young”

Making sure there is a good mixture will allow growth from all directions

Have a great day!