Treat everyone with the same level of deference.

Whether they are the Queen of England or the local busboy, start with extreme deference and see how you are rewarded.

Have a great day!


What are you afraid of?

So much of what holds us back is fear.

Fear of failure.

Fear of success.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of what other people think.

What are you afraid of and how do you stop the fear from stopping you?

Have a great day!



We can’t outsmart everyone. There is always someone who is smarter or more experienced.

We can out innovate anyone. We can try something different, try something new, try something else.

The only thing holding people back from out innovating is their fear. Get rid of the fear and you can out innovate anyone and when you do that, people will think you outsmarted everyone.

Have a great day!


Love of winning

Many people have a love of winning. When everything is going right, they are truly happy.

The problem is when things go wrong, they tend to panic and then lose interest because the love is gone.

Most truly successful people have a hatred of losing. When things go wrong they dig in further and figure out how to turn it around. They don’t lose interest because their hatred of losing takes over and they will find a way to turn things around.

When the going gets tough the people who simply love to win tend to falter, it’s during those same times that those who hate to lose excel.

Have a great day!


Making a difference

Sometimes the people you think can or are making a difference aren’t the ones truly making the difference.

The person in the newspaper getting the credit isn’t necessarily the person who is responsible for getting things done.

Some people want the credit, others want to get things done. Sometimes they are the same people, frequently they are not.

Figure out who is actually getting things done and work with them (or be one of them) and be willing to give the credit to the others. If you can do that, everyone benefits.

Have a great day!


Training your competition

Yesterday I wrote about the value of good project managers. Today I want to address the disadvantage of training good project managers.

If you train people well they will frequently get opportunities to go do other things. They might be hired by your competition or they might go out and start their own company and compete directly, or indirectly, with you.

In other words, if you train people well, you will frequently be training your future competition. The alternative is to hire lesser project managers, don’t train them that well and they will stay with you because no one else wants them.

Personally I would rather have people others want (and then try to figure out if there is a way to keep them although if not, find equally as talented replacements) then to have people no one wants.

Have a great day!


Project Managers

One of the risks of trying to accomplish too many things is missing the details. The more projects you take on the more details that have to be addressed.

One way around this is to have a number of project managers. Each project manager is responsible for a specific project, division, department or job. The project manager deals with all of the details and the overall manager is responsible for the project manager.

If you utilize your project managers properly, bringing on more projects and more project managers will make your job much easier.

The key is to hire the right project managers, realize that the ultimate responsibility still lays with you so you have to do more then hope things get done, and continue to monitor and manage on a regular basis.

When you get the right group of project managers, the ability to take on more projects becomes almost limitless.

Have a great day!


The traditional way

The traditional way of doing things might be great.

The traditional way of doing this might be obsolete.

The traditional way of doing things might have never been the best way.

Just because something is the traditional way doesn’t mean it’s the best way.

Be willing to consider other options besides only the traditional ways…but also be willing to consider the traditional ways.

Have a great day!


Confusing opinions with facts

There was a time when news reporters reported facts. They reported the who, what, where, when and why.

As Sargent Joe Friday was reputed to have said “Just the fact’s ma’am”. That was what people wanted to hear, just the facts.

Now a days, it seems people confuse their opinion with facts. Science shows certain things. If you don’t agree, that is your opinion but it doesn’t change what the facts say. Reporters tend to give their biased interpretation instead of reporting the facts.

Just because you don’t like what the facts show doesn’t mean that your opinion overrides the facts.

Let’s get back to the facts and leave the interpretations to others.

Have a great day!


Current customers

How valuable are your current customers to you?

How much money have they spent with you over the years?

How many other customers have they referred to you?

How much is their loyalty worth to you?

Companies spend so much time and money trying to get new customers and they forget how valuable their current customers are to them.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!