Charleston WV Business Book Club

Next Meeting: Feb 8, 2012 at 7AM
Location: Taylor books
Contact Person: Lawrence Fine

Information: The idea behind the Charleston Business Book Club is to encourage people to read books that will help them in their business, careers and lives. Rather than pattern this after more traditional book clubs, the idea here is to not only discuss the book but also to discuss ways to implement the ideas from the book (and from others) into the businesses of the people in the group.

Books would be recommended by the members and selected by the board and would be choosen at least 30 days in advance to give people time to purchase and read. The book list will be updated online.

Meetings will last a maximum of 1 hour and will take place once a month (unless the members choose to change this). The reason for meeting early in the morning is to make it accessible to those in business who are busy during the day.

If you are available/interested in joining, please enter your email address in the form below and we will use that for communication.

This Months book is:
“The Myth of the Garage” by Dan and Chip Heath

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