It’s easy to avoid fear. Simply do nothing.

Don’t take a chance.

Don’t do something you haven’t done before.

Don’t be creative.

It’s easy to avoid fear but if you do so, you wont accomplish anything.

Fear can be good. Embrace it, look for it and then determine if it’s worth it or not.

Have a great day!


What we don’t do

A lot of groups talk about what they do.

They work hard.

They make things.

They are changing the world.

Sometimes it’s nice to hear what they don’t do.

It would be nice to know they aren’t selling their data (also known as OUR information).

It would be nice to know they aren’t hurting others.

It would be nice to know they aren’t mistreating their employees or customers.

Sometimes disclosing what you don’t do is just as valuable as disclosing what you do.

Just a thought.

Have a great day!



It all starts with a guess.

The scientist guesses that something might be the case (based on previous data or experience which makes it a “hypothesis”. The scientist then goes about the research to prove the guess is correct or incorrect.

Public Policy is written to effect certain behavior but until it’s enacted and proven to work or not to work, it’s still just a guess.

Must of the guesswork involves some form of curiosity where the person wonders if something might happen.

Most great things start with a guess. Some of these guesses are more educated than others but still just a guess.

What is your next guess?

Have a great day!



When looking at a customer or client, people too often look at what they can charge that person RIGHT NOW.

The real question is what are they worth to your organization over their entire life time.

When doing marketing and advertising, it might cost $100 to acquire a new customer and your average profit might be only $10. If that is the case it’s difficult for people to realize the value of spending $100 to make $10. However, if the customer makes a purchase with a $10 profit every week, on the 10th week you have recouped your marketing costs and after that this goes toward real profits.

Marketing and advertising people are aware of this but are your front line people?

If someone comes into your establishment and is treated poorly then the lifetime value of that customer is probably zero.

If a person calls you and gets a complicated automated call system and can never get a hold of a real person, the lifetime value of that person is probably zero.

If a person is treated with respect and feels valued, their LTV to your business might be immense.

This is something that all front line people have to understand and should be part over every training program.

Have a great day!



When you bring a new person or group of people into an organization with a certain culture, it’s important to prepare and train them for the culture and what is expected of them. Realize it takes time for people to adapt and there will be hiccups along the way.

At some point, if they are unwilling or unable to adapt, you have to make a change. It might be putting them into a different group or it might mean getting rid of them completely but no one is worth ruining a positive culture.

Sometimes the best way to improve a group is to remove someone from the group. Addition by subtraction is difficult but the alternative can be fatal for an organization.

Have a great day!


Different views

When people express different views from your own, do you try to change their views or do you try to understand them?

Surrounding yourself with people who all have the same views sounds pretty boring to me. I would rather try to understand other peoples views and if they occasionally reshape my views, so much the better.

Have a great day!