Julie gave me a fitbit as a present for Christmas.

The thing I have realized the true value is not so much about the tracking of data but instead it’s the reminder.

Rather than focusing on how many steps, or how many flights of stairs to walk, it reminds me to take the stairs instead of the elevator when possible.

It makes me wonder what other reminders we can set in our lives both personally and professionally.

We can use reminders to change habits and turn bad habits into good habits.

Think how to set some more reminders to make your life better.

Have a great day!


Provide what you do best

What if you took a hard look at what you do best, and then spend some time figuring out how to market it to others?

Let’s say you are a great salesperson. Too often you go out and create some product and service and then start selling. You might be successful at first but eventually people catch on that you are selling an inadequate product or service.

Instead, why not offer your sales services to others? Let them do what they do best and you do what you do best. This way you take advantage of everyone’s strengths and everyone wins.

Have a great day!



We tend to over complicate matters. We factor in variables that don’t really matter. We worry about things that will never happen. We take the simple and make them complicated.

Instead, we should simplify as much as possible. Don’t worry about the variables that don’t matter or are out of our control. Don’t worry about the hypotheticals.

Look to take the complicated and make it simpler.

Have a great day!


After 20 years

I met with someone recently who has been thinking about starting a company for 20 years. He has thought about it, researched it, planned for it, procrastinated on it and finally, after 20 years, he is ready to do it.

The problem is, after delaying for 20 years, he is now in a hurry and looking at ways to take short cuts.

I’m all for going quickly but after 20 years of waiting, doesn’t it make sense to do things the right way rather than taking a short cut and save a week or two?

Just a thought.

Have a great day!



There seem to be so many pessimists out there that create self fulfilling prophecies. They think people will fail and create an environment to make them fail.

Why not surround yourself with optimists who also can create a self fulfilling prophecy. They will create such a positive environment that things succeed.

It really is your choice.

Have a great day!


Putting them together

Some people are great idea people.

Some people are great operators.

Some people have the money to fund an operation.

Some people are great legal minds.

Some people truly understand money.

The people who know how to connect the right people together and know when to do so are the ones who truly get things done.

Have a great day!