Control your costs


Companies seem to always focus on more sales but it’s just as important to focus on your expenses.

One of the businesses I’m involved with has almost identical revenues so far this month as opposed to the same time last year but the difference is the gross profit is far better because the costs are down dramatically.

Now that the margin has increased it’s easier to look and make decisions regarding whether to focus on decreasing costs or increasing revenues.

Without knowing the numbers compared to last year, there wouldn’t be any way to make these types of decisions.

Have a great day!



I’m working on a project with some partners and when I thought we were almost done with the technical build out one of them said “we need a lot more done”. I was worried he was going to want more features, more uses more something. Instead, he wanted to remove certain things and simplify other things.

This was a great reminder that more isn’t always better. Sometimes really focusing on simple and usability makes a lot more sense than focusing on adding more uses.

Just a simple reminder.

Have a great day!


Control your todo’s

How many times throughout the day do you allow others to change your todo list?

This might be a case them asking you to do something, changing something you had planned to do or simply interrupting so you can’t do anything.

It’s vital that you be able to control your todo’s as much as possible. We all have to make exceptions to this rule. An emergency occurs or a great opportunity arises and you have to make changes.

The problem many of us have is we assume something is a true emergency just because someone said so. If you are a doctor and an emergency arises…it’s probably an emergency. If you are a plumber and an emergency arises…it’s probably an emergency. The issue becomes when someone calls the doctor because of an emergency and it’s really just a cold. Or they call a plumber about an emergency and it’s really just a slow draining pipe.

Being able to determine what is and what isn’t an emergency is one of the first steps toward controlling your own todo list. The sooner you master this, the more efficient you can be.

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Most of what seems to be new is simply new to us.

When gravity was discovered, it wasn’t new. It was simply a case of being a new concept to us.

When a new star is discovered it’s not a case of the star being new, it’s simply new to us.

The more we learn, the more we find is new to us and that is pretty damn cool.

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One touch

Whenever possible, try to touch a project only one time.

When an email comes in, try to only open it one time. Open it, deal with it and then file it away.

The alternative is to open the email, move on to the next email, go back to the first email, and waste a lot of time.

If you can touch an item one time, finish what needs to be done and then move on you will find you will be more efficient.

If you don’t have time to address the issue with your first touch, do something that requires less time and then when you have time for the first touch, do it properly and efficiently.

Have a great day!



What if we only did work we were proud of?

It doesn’t matter if it’s being a brain surgeon or being a janitor. It could be cooking for yourself or being a chef that cooks for thousands.

What if we took pride in what we do every time and every day?

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Have a great day!