Dare to be Different

People are so afraid to stand out from the crowd that they make it nearly impossible to be outstanding.

There is a saying used at various e commerce companies that “you can’t out Amazon Amazon”. Meaning, because of their size and because of their experience, the likelihood of creating a better online shopping experience than what Amazon.com has already created is not very likely. Yet everyday, people try to do just that.

In women’s college soccer, coaches go and listen to Anson Dorrance(he is the women’s soccer coach at UNC and a former US national team coach and the most successful coach in womens soccer history) speak and watch his clinics and videos and try to do the exact same thing. The thing these people don’t understand is you can’t out Anson Anson. You can learn from what he is doing and adapt it based on your strengths and weaknesses but to think you are going to use the exact same methods that he is using to beat him doesn’t make sense.

An example of a web site that does things differently is www.woot.com. Instead of trying to sell many things, they sell quantities of one product each day. In other words, each day at midnight (central time) they put one item on their web site. That items is available until they run out or until midnight the next day when a new product goes on sale. The description of the products are always amusing (or at least interesting) and everything about this site is different. I’ve heard complaints of their customer service so am certainly not endorsing the site but it’s an excellent example of doing things different than the norm.

The difference between success and failure is frequently the willingness to try different things and to be a bit of a risk taker.

Are you willing to take some chances and stand out from the crowd? Are you willing to be OUTSTANDING?

Have a great day!

PS There is a new tutorial on how to use a FTP (File Transfer Protocol )available for download. You can use a FTP program to transfer large files to a server, upload a web site, install scripts etc. You can see this tutorial (and others) at http://lawrencefine.com/tutorials.html

New Tutorial

Just a quick note that a new tutorial has been added. This tutorial shows you how to set up and run a WordPress Blog (the Lawrence Fine Blog is a WordPress Blog).

While the tutorial is quite extensive, once the blog is set up, it’s simple to add content and maintain. For example, I write a post in Word, then when I’m dine with it, I login to the admin section of the blog, click on Write a New Post, enter the subject, paste the content in and then publish. It really is that easy.

In a week or two, I will write about the advantages of blogging but till then, you can get the tutorial for how to set up and run your blog at http://lawrencefine.com/tutorials.html

Tomorrow, there will be a regular post as opposed to this short notification



One of the biggest frustrations with computers is they are capable of so much while at the same time, so vastly underutilized.

This could be because the computer runs too slow or the software is misunderstood or many other factors,

To help people utilize technology a bit better, my company (www.WebBreez.com) has decided to start creating tutorials to guide people through various functions

To start we have four tutorials available

How to delete your temporary files and defragment your hard drive
How to use Excel
How to use Mail Merge in Word
How to create mailing labels in Word

If you would like to download these tutorials you can do so at http://lawrencefine.com/tutorials.html. There is absolutely no cost for these tutorials and you may share them with anyone you want provided you give credit to WebBreez.com for their creation

It’s our intention to keep adding more tutorials as time permits. If there are any specific tutorials you would like to see created, please let me know by using the form at http://lawrencefine.com/contact.php. The two requirements for us to create a tutorial is access to the software and also a belief there is a general need for the tutorial (as opposed to just one person)

Hope this helps!

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