I’m sorry

The words “I’m sorry” frequently have no significance.

People say “I’m sorry” when they want to end an uncomfortable situation.

An employee says “I’m sorry” when they miss a deadline and they think it makes up for the lost customer.

A friend says “I’m sorry” after saying terrible things about you and they think the meaning behind what they said is forgotten.

There is a time and a place for “I’m sorry” but it’s important to understand that it really is about the actions and not the words.

The employee should find a way to fix the problem and then apologize rather than apologizing and thinking everything goes away.

The friend should show that their words and actions were wrong and then apologize rather than thinking “well I apologized so get over it”.

If anyone disagrees with this, than I’ll say “I’m sorry” but I probably wont mean it.

Have a great day!