What are you reading?

There was a time when the question “what are you reading” could help to initiate a nice conversation.

These days, I would be afraid to ask many people that because the extent of many peoples reading is emails, tweets, blogs and web site.

There is a lot of interesting, and up to date, information that can be gathered through these various form of media but deep down, I think we would all be better off (and I certainly include myself in this) by reading more books.

I’m not sure if it matters the type of books we should be reading. Personally, I have never liked fiction (there is so much I don’t know and I never have understood why I would want to read something made up when I could learn about other things that area real) but whether it’s reading biographies, science fiction, mysteries, DIY’s or whatever, it has to be better than some of our alternatives.

Have a great day!