Too soon

Sometimes people are too early with their ideas. Frequently this happens when the technology isn’t advanced enough for the idea. It might also be a case of the market isn’t ready for the idea.

An example that comes to mind are tablet computers.

Apple came out with the iPad in 2010. Many people think that was the first tablet.

Bill Gates announced his tablet in 2001. One main problem was the processors that were available at that time weren’t able to do that time of processing. Nine years later, and a lot of advances in technology later, the iPad came out and the technology was ready.

Just yesterday I had the opportunity to revisit a type of technology that I was approached with over 5 years ago. Back then it was a daunting task but today, the technology is available to build what was idea that was presented. The surprising thing is the need for this technology is still the same.

Does that mean it’s something that should be pursued? Maybe. But it’s a great reminder that it’s sometimes worth revisiting old ideas.

Have a great day!