Before you call or text someone give some thought to whether there is a real urgency in what you are doing.

If you are interrupting someone from doing something important it would be nice to know (and for them to know) whether what you are calling or texting about is important.

If it’s not important, wouldn’t an email suffice knowing that they can read it or respond on their own time (as opposed to a phone call which is requiring them to respond on your time and not theirs)? I remember reading a year or so ago how quickly people feel the need to respond to a text and it was incredibly fast (I can’t recall the time period off the top of my head).

There isn’t anything wrong with calling someone or texting them but I do believe it’s important for people to understand that interruptions come at a cost. Sometimes the cost is worth it (either because the interruption has true value or the person really wants the break) but it’s important to understand the cost either way.

Have a great day!