Would sales help?

The other day I met with a company that said they needed a lot of help. This is a 50 year old family business that has seen a significant downturn in their financials in recent years.

They said they needed help with their technology, marketing and sales as well as funding.

This is an industry where generating sales would not be difficult at all. Building the technology would not be difficult either.

I asked what I thought was a simple question which was “if we provide the technology to support sales and then help you increase your revenue significantly, would that solve your problems?”

It was surprising to get a response of “we don’t know”. This 50 year old business doesn’t know it’s margins enough or it’s financials well enough to know whether they can be saved by increased profits (at no upfront cost to them).

If increased revenue and profits can’t save a company….is it worth trying to save?

Have a great day!