Set the bar high for others

Lot’s of people talk about making their community better. They talk about ways to do economic development. They talk about ways to improve the cultural offerings. They talk about a lot of things.

At some point people will realize that the talk has to stop and action must start.

One of the best ways to improve an area is to do something that sets the bar high. Force others to rise to the occasion.

As a somewhat random example, if you don’t like the restaurant options in your community, help someone to build a great restaurant. Great food, great service etc.. If you do that the other restaurateurs in the community will be forced to either fail or become better. The ones who fail were going to do so anyway and the ones who rise to the occasion will force you to rise even higher.

This is sometimes an unpopular way to improve a community but sometimes you have to do the unpopular to truly make a difference.

Have a great day!