Which direction are you racing?

If you try to race someone faster then you in the same direction that they are going you will almost always lose.

If you want to provide online storage for documents, files, pictures etc you can get caught up in a race to zero. You will be competing with companies with billions of dollars they can afford to lose in order to gain market share. Each are offering more storage for less money then the last one. If you try to race these companies, you better have a huge budget and a willingness to lose a LOT of money in order to possibly make a profit some day.

The alternative is to race in the other direction. Instead of offering more space for less money, you could offer more secure space, or more reliable space or more remarkable space for more money.

While others are going one direction, look to see if you can go the other direction and instead of being in a race to zero, race to profits!

Have a great day!