Messy Middle

I saw the term messy middle yesterday and thought it was incredibly relevant to what happens every day in business.

A new manufacturing plant is announced for an area and everyone gets excited about the possibility. Ten months later the manufacturing plant opens and again there is a lot of excitement.

The messy middle is the day after the announcement of the plant to the day it opens. The media isn’t there, the well wishers aren’t there and the excitement is gone. This is the messy middle when all of the hard work takes place.

Lot’s of people want to be involved in the initial announcement and then in the ribbon cutting but are no where to be found during the hard part. They aren’t there with the hard hats on moving dirt, putting in the infrastructure, writing the checks or putting in the sweat.

Because of the silent part of the messy middle, people don’t know what to expect and it’s not unusual for people to get discouraged and quit during this time period.

The willingness to roll up the sleeves, get dirty, be tired, get discouraged and keep going is frequently what separates the successes from the wannabes.

The messy middle is hard but if you don’t go through it, you never get to the good stuff.

Have a great day!