Attending a meeting with a bunch of bobbleheads can be quite frustrating.

If you don’t know what a bobblehead is, it’s one of those dolls whose head shakes so you can set it to always agree with you.

Having human bobbleheads accomplishes nothing (a human bobblehead is a person who always agrees with someone, they might make the person feel more important then they really are but in reality, the agreement without thought is quite useless).

If you are surrounded with a bunch of bobbleheads, get out now. Find people who want to make a difference. Find people who are willing to disagree. Find people with an opinion and a thought and if the opinion is different then your own, so much the better.

Don’t be a bobblehead and don’t surround yourself with bobbleheads. Being around free thinkers is how to make the world a better place.

Have a great day!