The problem with fair wages

People think everyone deserves a fair wage (and I agree).

People think employers should provide health insurance and other benefits to their employees (and I agree).

People think employees should be treated fairly (and I agree).

The problem with this is everything costs money. If you think minimum wage should go up to $15 an hour you also have to be willing to pay more for the products and services you purchase. If you think servers at restaurants should be paid more, then you have to be prepared to pay more for the food you order.

The other issue people have to understand is if wages go up significantly and it’s not offset with increased prices then employment will go down. The person who will be hired for $10 an hour might not get hired for $15 an hour plus benefits. In the same way that we have to treat employees fairly, we also have to realize that employers have to be treated fairly and not all employers are billion dollar corporations with a lot of money sitting in the bank. The impact on the small family business can be dramatic.

I do believe people should be paid a fair wage and receive fair benefits but we all have to realize this will come at a cost to EVERYONE.

Have a great day!