You build a wonderful new store, you have great products at great price. You open the doors and…wait.

You know that social media is big so you post to your facebook page, tweet about the opening and…wait.

You think people will drive by and see your sign so you are patient and…wait.

This seems to be the model many businesses use and it results in a lot of waiting and not much business.

The alternative is to get out there, introduce yourself to the community, offer some introductory deals, let people know you exist and where you are located and instead of waiting you make sales.

Build it and they will come might have worked at some point (but I’m not sure about that) but it certainly doesn’t work now.

Be willing to go out and knock on some doors, introduce yourself and get your message out there. It’s not as glamourous as using social media but to get a quick jumpstart with your business, it works.

Have a great day!