When invincible isn’t

There was a time when Mike Tyson would walk into the ring and the opponent knew he was going to lose. At the same time, Mike Tyson knew he was going to win. People would watch the fight to see how quickly Tyson would knock the opponent out, because there was no question of what the outcome would be. Then Buster Douglas beat him and others realized he was beatable.

There was a time when Tiger Woods would enter the last day of a golf tournament and he knew he was going to win, as did all of the others. Then, he started losing and the fear factor went away.

There was a time when Ronda Rousey was unbeatable. The question was how quickly would the opponent submit. Then she lost and when she lost, she lost her confidence, her invincibility and apparently her ability to win.

People forget that anyone can lose and when you start to take your invincibility for granted and end up losing once, it changes the dynamics dramatically and all of a sudden others believe they can win as well.

People or groups are invincible..until they aren’t. Once it”s gone, it’s gone for good so don’t take it for granted.

Have a great day!