Discrimination and Prejudice

Most people would say they are opposed to discrimination and try not to have any prejudices.

Most people would say that what happened in World War II to Jews, blacks and others was deplorable.

Most people would say apartheid in South Africa was terrible.

The reality is many people practice discrimination (unknowingly) every day.

If you are walking down the street late at night and get nervous because you see a few black 20 year old males walking toward you, that is a form on prejudice.

If you are boarding a plane and see a few bearded Muslims with taqiyahs and think they are a risk, that is prejudice.

If you see a few Asian people sitting around and think they must be smart engineers, that is prejudice.

Many people experience prejudice on a regular basis so when you think about some of the terrible discrimination going on throughout the world and think that could never happen where you are, you might want to think again.

Have a great, and open minded, day!