At what point is a sale not really a sale?

When do businesses realize that setting artificially high prices so you can then discount them is inherently dishonest? If you want to give a discount, GREAT! Make it a real discount. If you want to set your prices at a level where you don’t feel the need to discount, GREAT! The thing that isn’t acceptable is to raise prices and then discount them down to the earlier level and claim it’s a discount.

Over the years I can think of numerous stores (for some reason, rug stores seem the worst) who have “Going out of Business” and “Everything Must Go” sales and those “sales” seem to last years. Is that really the best we have for “Marketing”?

On Cyber Monday a business offered a big “sale”. It was for something we actually needed but for whatever reason we missed the sale. A few days later we went back to that website and the same product was half the price of the sale price. If it weren’t for the fact that we needed this product and they were the only one who had it, we wouldn’t have purchased it.

Whatever happened to truth in advertising? Whatever happened to ethics and honesty?

If you have to rely upon deception in order to run your business, is it really worth running?

Have a great day!