Controlling stress

Recently I read an article which referenced a study about stress and shooting accuracy with guns.

Before I go any further let me start with the disclaimer that this is not about gun control, I don’t own a gun, many of my friends do own guns and I don’t give the topic of gun control, the 2nd amendment or anything similar much thought at all.

The study showed that police officers who can shoot with 90% accuracy on a shooting range can frequently shoot with between 20%-25% accuracy in the field. This is because they are trained to shoot without factoring in the stress of a real life situation. When they are in the field, the heart rate increases, the stress increases and the accuracy goes down dramatically. I assume that military snipers, special ops personnel etc are trained to control their heart rate, control their stress and to maintain their accuracy.

Think about this in our every day life. When stress is high, when your heart beat is too high, that is NOT the time to be making decisions.

Learn to control your breathing, control your heart rate, control your stress and you will be able to make better decisions.

Have a great day!