Working together

In the past month I have had discussions with three different groups, all here in the Charleston area, trying to do essentially the same thing.

All are looking to do things that will benefit the community, none are looking to profit from their ventures and all have similar long term goals.

In each case, the target market is slightly different but the intended end result is the same.

Each group thinks they are the only ones trying what they are trying even though each group has reason to know the other two groups.

With better networking and better communicating and better community, these three groups could all help themselves and the three working together (or, at the very least, two working together) they could accomplish more then working independently.

I will be the first to admit that I’m not exactly a social butterfly nor am I a networker but if I can see how they could work together, why can’t more people? These are the type of people who attend the same conferences, attend the same meetings etc…why aren’t they talking?

How many lost opportunities are there because of lack of better communication?

I will try to connect these people but we all have to do a better job of connecting people, when it makes sense, and improving our communication.

Have a great day!