Small Business Saturday

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. Between that and the concept of “shop local” it sounds wonderful.

A week or so ago I had to pick up an item at a locally owned business. I didn’t know which brand was best for what I needed so I asked someone who worked there and he was extremely helpful. He asked me what I was going to be using the product for and then pointed me to a cheaper version then what I was originally looking at because he said it would be exactly what I needed. With that type of service I will definitely be going back to that establishment.

I have also been to small, locally owned businesses where the person working there didn’t know the products, or didn’t look up from their cell phone and wasn’t available when I needed help. With that type of service, I would rather go to a big box store where I could get just as bad service but better prices.

Small Business Saturday and the concept of shopping local is wonderful IF these small businesses are providing something I can’t get elsewhere (and frequently that would be better service because it is difficult to beat large companies in pricing). If they can provide great customer service, paying more doesn’t bother me at all but if they think I should pay more just because they are locally owned and don’t feel the need to provide great service, I can only speak for myself but I would prefer to look elsewhere.

Have a great shopping day!