Role Models

We all could use some good role models. Frequently when people talk about role models they are talking about role models for children. Just as much emphasis should be placed on role models for adults.

I’m not sure when athletes, politicians, actors etc became role models or, for that matter, why they became role models but in most cases, they shouldn’t be.

The leader of the company should be a role model. Management should be role models.

If you are the manager and don’t see yourself as a role model, you have a problem.

A lot of people want to be leaders, but they don’t understand the responsibilities that come with leadership. One of the biggest responsibilities is being the role models for the people they are leading. This might mean working harder, working smarter, setting examples etc.

The old adage of “do what I say and not what I do” is garbage. If you want to be a leader you have to be a role model and that takes hard work and lots of thought.

Have a great day!