Mulberry Moon

Tonight Mulberry Moon is launching their new line of bags (overnight bags, pocketbooks, purses, toiletry bags), aprons, pillows and other products at the Capital City Arts and Craft Show at the Charleston Civic Center.

What makes this so special? First of all, everything they sell is a one of a kind product. If you see a bag you like, you know that no one else will EVER have an identical bag. Secondly, most of the material used is repurposed material. Some comes from vintage clothing. Some comes from fabric samples for furniture. Some comes from odds and ends found at estate sales or yard sales. There is so much incredible material thrown away and sitting in dumps that it’s sad. Knowing that you are helping out the environment is a nice bonus.

Also, a portion of everything sold (I believe it’s 15%) at the Capital City Arts and Craft Show goes to the Lions Club to support local charities and to provide eye glasses to local residents in need.

What makes this really special? Julie Wirts is the person behind Mulberry Moon (with help from her team at The Dressmakers Closet) and this is the start of something she has been wanting to do for decades. For 10 years now she has owned and run The Dressmakers Closet and has performed miracles fixing other peoples problems with clothes (alterations, complete remakes etc) but now she gets to demonstrate her love of creation. She takes things other people have chosen to discard and has turned them into works of art. This is just one of the many reason I love Julie but for the rest of you, if you are in the Charleston area please check out what she has created with her Mulberry Moon line.

Have a great day!


What makes this really spec