Look Internally

A local restaurant went out of business a couple of days ago. In reading some of the comments I saw things such as lack of parking, lack of activities downtown, lack of help from the city etc.

I only went to the restaurant one time (despite the fact it is within walking distance from my home). We went there, ordered and then waited over an hour to receive our food. My order was wrong, the server didn’t seem too concerned and the food I did receive was, at best, average.

It’s easy to look for excuses for why something didn’t work but sometimes you should first look internally to determine what the real problems are.

Interestingly there are 5 restaurants within a few blocks that all seem to be extremely well. They have similar negatives (parking issues, slow downtown area etc) but they have good food and good service.

It’s easy to look for excuses but if you want to accomplish something great, be willing to look internally to see how to improve

Have a great day!