A time for

It’s that time of year. A time for giving, a time for receiving…a time for a lot of unnecessary stuff.

This isn’t about “bah humbug” negativing rather it’s about teaching values and doing something that matters.

Does the father really need another tie or pair of socks?

Does the mother really need another nick nack for the home?

Does the friend who has everything really need something that they don’t need or want and if they did need it, they would have bought it?

Why not make something with your own hands (for those of you who have the ability). Bake a pie (and apple pies should be everyone’s favorite), do some yard work. Donate to their favorite charity.

We live in a society of material goods but what people really appreciate is the thought, the effort, the caring…not the crap people tend to give and receive.

I realize kids are different but there comes a time when everyone should be thinking of what matters and not what they want.

Have a great day!