Wouldn’t it be nice to know, in advance, when something was going to break down?

Just looking around the kitchen, I know that the stove, the refrigerator and the garbage disposal will all have to be replaced at some point but wouldn’t it be nice to know when?

It’s easy to look up the “lifetime expectancy” of things but how accurate are they really?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have sensors on all equipment (and I mean inexpensive sensors) that would help us know when something will have to be replaced? Manufacturers would benefit because people would want to buy replacements BEFORE something breaks down so it might increase sales. End users would benefit because they could place items just before they completely break down, instead of waiting till they break and being completely inconvenienced.

With all of the talk of the “internet of things” I believe this time is coming but sadly, I don’t think we are there yet…but wont it be cool when we are!

Have a great day!