Most great advances involved some form of creativity. Whether this was a technology breakthrough, a bio medical breakthrough, an artistic endeavor or a business endeavor, creativity is behind most of our great breakthroughs.

Knowing that creativity is so vital, why are we stifling it in our education system?

Following processes is important in manufacturing or any type of mass production, but at some point, if we want to do something great, we have to look at whether the process even makes sense or are we just doing something because that is the way we have always done things.

I have never been a big fan of the saying “thinking outside the box” because why are we even thinking about the box?

Wayne Gretzky once said “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” While that was a great observation and Gretzky might be the greatest hockey player of all time, the real creativity came from the people who invented hockey in the first place

We need to do as much as possible to encourage creativity whenever possible and that means encouraging mistakes, encouraging risk taking etc.

Have a great day!