Recently Forbes had a video titled “The $30K-A-Night Jet That Flies Empty” on their website. It’s about FedEx having a plane that flies from Denver to Memphis every day and with the exception of the pilots, it usually flies empty.

The purpose of this plane is to be the backup. If packages are missed, it’s there to retrieve them. If a plane breaks down, it’s there to cover for them.

Obviously FedEx is a huge company that can afford to do something like this but at a much smaller scale, can any organization afford NOT to?

If you are dependent upon the internet for work, do you have a backup if your provider goes down?

If you are dependent upon a salesperson, do you have a replacement if something happens to him?

Having backups might seem to be an unneeded luxury….until you need the backup and don’t have it and you realize it’s a requirement.

Have a great day!