Safe vs Free

A friend wrote the other day discussing the option of safe vs free.

People get frustrated about standing in line, getting scanned/frisked etc by TSA at the airport. They feel it’s taking away some of their freedom. On the other hand, they want to feel safe when they fly and not have terrorists on the plane with them. This is an example of giving up some of our freedom in order to be safe.

The Patriot Act is a great example of the safe vs free issue. We have given up (whether voluntarily or involuntarily)some of our freedom in order to have a safer country.

If you want to prevent your computer from getting infected with viruses or malware there is an easy way to do this….don’t go on the Internet, don’t install any software and don’t plug it in. That is the safe solution but it’s quite limiting.

Every day we have to make choices between safety and freedom and they aren’t always easy and they aren’t always fun.

Frequently I choose the free choice as opposed to the safe choice but deep down, I’m glad there are others out there who have chosen the safe choice for me.

Have a great, and safe day!