From bad to good

People like to claim they provide good customer service but sometimes you have to wonder if they really know what good customer service is.

Doing the bare minimum isn’t good customer service…it’s just the bare minimum.

Just the other day I experienced truly good customer service…and not too surprisingly it was from

I had ordered an item from their marketplace (which means it’s a third party vendor) and they missed the expected date for it to arrive. I checked the UPS tracking number and it was invalid. I called Amazon and they quickly realized the seller had a number of complaints about non delivery so they issued an immediate refund. Then they helped me find a replacement for what I ordered, and when I ordered the replacement, they gave me a discount and free overnight shipping. They took a bad experience (a fraudulent third party seller) and turned it into a positive. They also reminded me when ordering from a third party to not just look at the product reviews but also the reviews of the seller. From what I understand, this seller will be deactivated from the platform

Instead of me walking away upset about a fraudulent seller, I walk away amazed at positive customer service.

Have a great day!