The Internet and Information

The advantage of the Internet is there is a LOT more information available. The disadvantage of the Internet is there is a LOT more inaccurate information available.

The challenge is knowing what is fact, what is opinion and what biases are influencing each.

It’s not just the wacko sites that are obviously inaccurate at first glance. Some highly reputable news sources certainly come with their own bias (if you don’t believe me start a discussion on Fox News vs CNN).

If you aren’t willing to learn from all sides, how will you ever be able to understand how and why others think the way they do?

When I hear people regurgitate information they hear from one source as if it’s gospel, it really concerns me. Be willing to investigate all sides to get a more informed view on things. It might help you confirm your original hypothesis OR it might you come to a completely different conclusion.

One other point to remember is if you hear a rumor or innuendo and then repeat it, THAT is not confirmation of the rumor. Or, if you repeat it enough so that others start repeating it, hearing their opinion doesn’t confirm anything either.

Have a great day!