Help for flood victims

As most of you know West Virginia has had some horrific flooding over the past 10 days. People have lost their lives, some have lost loved ones. Others have lost their homes, their jobs and all of their belongings.

The amount of support from the West Virginians (and others) has been amazing. People donating food, clothing, cleaning supplies and their time has made a big difference in peoples lives but it’s only a start and it will be a LONG time before things get back to “normal” for many people.

In an attempt to make a small impact, I would like to offer the following to the readers of this blog. I would like to raise some money to purchase food for people in need. Anyone who donates $5 or more (hopefully more but any amount will help) will receive a free copy of my book “11 + 10 =1 How the Addition of 10 Principles in Life Turned 11 Players into 1 Team”. 100% of the money donated will go toward purchasing food (at below wholesale prices) that will be donated to food banks and other groups in need The price of the book and shipping will be incurred by me. If you have a paypal account please use this link ( If you don’t have a paypal account please email me at and we can make arrangements.

Once you make your donation please send me an email with your mailing address and I’ll have a copy of the book sent directly to you.

All food purchases will be at below wholesale prices so we will be able to maximize the amount donated.

This book is about many of my beliefs on life and while told through a story about a young soccer team I believe it’s applicable for everyone especially in this time of need

If you can help by donating GREAT. If you can help these people (or other people) any way you can, that would be great as well.

If you know others who might be able or willing to help, please forward this email.


Have a GREAT Day!