Today is the 2000th post to the LawrenceFineBlogs.com site.

The first post was made on May 8th 2008 and now more then 8 years later I’m still not 100% sure of the purpose of the blog.

Occasionally I write a post to get a message across to someone (not nearly as often as some people think) much more often I write for myself. It might be a reminder or just a way to reinforce a belief to myself.

Occasionally I get feedback saying a person really liked a post, or they have a question about a post or they dislike a post. This might sound bad but somehow it doesn’t make much difference to me whether a person likes a post or dislikes a post because deep down no one person is the intended audience.

In the very beginning I allowed comments on the blog itself but then found 99% of them to be a direct or indirect ad for something so I found it easier to turn all comments off and if someone wants to contact me they can email me directly or post a comment on the Contact page (which them comes to me via email).

How much longer will I continue to write this blog? I really have no idea. Before I sold my soccer website I had thousands of articles written over the course of a decade. Most likely I will continue to write until I have nothing else to write about (some might say that has already happened) or until I run out of time to write. Till then…

Have a great day!