There was an article yesterday in USA Today about a 29 year old man whose name is Riley Curry. Because he has the same name as the soon to be FOUR year old daughter of Stephen Curry he has been receiving nasty postings on social media intended for the ALMOST FOUR YEAR OLD.

First of all, I don’t really understand the logic of why the child Riley Curry gets as much publicity as she does simply for having a father who is a great basketball player. To me that is pretty ridiculous but it is what it is.

The real issue is what person would send nasty messages to a young kid? Is that supposed to make someone feel good about themselves? Are these the same people who knock over old people in wheel chairs (I don’t know if people really do that or not but it doesn’t seem much different to me)?

If this is what social media is used for then I’m glad I don’t participate in social media. If you do use social media, why not take a stand and say what you intend to use it for (sharing pictures or sharing good news etc) and help stop the rest of this crap.

When I read that article all I could think of is “Really?”

Have a great day!