The other day I went to a fundraiser for the WV Music Hall of Fame. It was a 6 hour event of excellent music and great food and the featured performer was Landau Eugene Murphy Jr (a West Virginia native and winner of America’s Got Talent).

The dinner was buffet style and I noticed two things that were interesting (at least to me). First, Landau got a plate of food and went to sit by himself away from everyone, in order to eat. As soon as he heard the music being performed by another group (Qiet) he moved to a location closer to the stage to enjoy the music. It was nice to see a “senior performer” appreciate other performers and not feel it was beneath him.

Then, when he was done eating, I noticed he was walking around with his dirty plates trying to find where he was supposed to put them. He obviously didn’t feel he was too important to clean up after himself nor did he feel that he was entitled to any special treatment.

At this location, at this time, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr could have been the big time Diva, instead he showed he was a truly classy individual (with incredible talent). It’s a good reminder for all of us.

Have a great day!